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Swim Lessons

About Swim Lessons

Bittersweet Pool offers swimming lessons for children ages 3 and up (age as of May 1st). 

Sessions are two weeks long

Price: BTSA Members - $40/child

          Non-Members - $55/child

Level Descriptions

Parent Tot: Under 3

Get in with your child as our instructors help you teach them the foundations of the pool. This is great for any child under the ages of 3. 

Preschool: 3+
Water entry/exit
Blow bubbles
Flutter kick
Breath-holding – 5 seconds
Bob x5
Front/back float and glide
Display elementary crawl stroke arms

Level 1:
(Must be 5 years old and completed a preschool lesson)
Independently jump into the water with an adult there for assistance
Bob 5-10 times submerging head
Back float for 5 seconds with minimal assistance after rotating to back
Kick independently using a kick board traveling two body lengths
Glide two body lengths
Demonstrate appropriate stroke for freestyle (ice cream scoops)

Level 2:
Push off the bottom of the pool
Tread water for 15-30 seconds
Swim independently (freestyle) 15 meters or the width of the pool
Swim independently (backstroke) 15 meters or width of the pool
Jump into the deep end with minimal assistance

Level 3:
Jump into deep water and recover to the surface
Tread/float for 30 seconds to one minute
Swim freestyle and backstroke for 25 meters
Push off in a streamline position and swim for 15 meters
Rotate one full turn (looking for exit points)

Level 4:
Swim 25 meters (length of the pool) freestyle
Swim 25 meters (length of the pool) backstroke
Swim 25 meters (length of the pool) breaststroke
Swim 15 meters (width of the pool) butterfly
Perform feet first entry and locate the exit point swimming 25 meters freestyle
Jump into the deep end independently and swim to the side of the pool

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